Blog #1 *A NEW YEAR*

Tammy Adair

Posted on January 03 2018


Well here we are again ladies……familiar territory. You know the same place that can make you excited, encouraged, and even enamored when you see its potential in your life. At the same time this journey can leave you exhausted just thinking about the endless work that is ahead, as well as the voices that cry from past days, magnifying your defeats and screaming with a loud voice that you will not make it. You know…. new year… changes……new beginnings, blah blah blah. I know this territory all too well (sometimes too well) and the rewarding road that can be ahead, as well as the defeats that have often encountered me by the third week of January. Ok I lied, the 3rd day of January. You know the trip don’t you ladies? That trip that dreams of being a better wife and mother. The trip that leads you to a better body, mind, and soul at the end of the journey. That trip that is going to leave behind the pain and failure of the past year and fully embrace the possibilities of being the best you that you can possibly be. You know where we are going don’t you… AN ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORT ON A REMOTE ISLAND NOT KNOWN BY MAN WHERE THE WORD MOM DOESN’T EXIST AND THUS CAN’T BE USED, yeah right! The place we really do quietly dream of but often fall short of getting there. The journey to a place called change!

As I ponder a new year in my mind, I am beyond grateful that I have another year on this earth with the people I love. It doesn’t take me too long to realize that this life is short and getting shorter. I have looked back on 2017 to see people that I love gone, no longer here anymore on this earth with us and it reminds me that the currency of days, hours, and minutes are way too precious to waste on past failures, hurts, and things that, well, just didn’t turn out the way I want it to. As we are thrusted into this brand-new year, we all carry things that we wanted to get accomplished in 2017 and for whatever reason may not have happened. This also drives us right back to that one complicated destination that seems so far away, change!

I have often stood at the end of an old year and the beginning of the new year with that word burning a hole right through me. That word change represents different things to me different years whether that be about my body, mind, thoughts, financial situations, relationships, pain, or even my walk with God. I know all too well that feeling of failure at the end of January or February that causes me to think that maybe it was just too much or possibly offer one of the million built in excuses that I seem to have at my disposal any time I need it. I have been encouraged at different junctions of my life to see change occur and experience a much-needed victory in my life. I have also packed my bags and headed out some years only to soon find myself lost and with no hope of getting to the change that I desired. We tend to forget the victories and only dwell on the times we got lost, wandered for days, had no direction and even had others tell us that we could not get to that journey to change. So, as we look at 2018, we tend to become more skewed to the fact that we may never get there. I have been there, so before I make my way out for the 2018 journey, I have decided one important thing not to bring on this journey.

Ladies this year no resolutions for me! They don’t work for me. Now if they do for you awesome but not for this girl. First, I have realized that change occurs in my life when I concentrate on the people and things that I love and strive to make decisions that constantly point that direction. If I want to change my appearance, become a better wife or mom, or an accomplished business woman, I must first concentrate on keeping my focus on the things that truly matter. Often change has been hard to accomplish in areas that were important to me because I got focused on somethings that didn’t matter. Secondly, I want to focus on the relationships that God has given me. I want to invest in people and not a goal. Investing in others is a crop that continues a bountiful harvest. The more I am who I need to be and give to others, I have found change much faster than ever before. This investment also includes taking care of me and making sure that I have something to give to others. Finally, I want to make sure that I concentrate on the day at hand and not the “might have beens”, the “only ifs” or even my past victories or failures. This day is all I have so I must live in it fully. Living in the past or worrying about the future robs me of changing today…. Which is what I want to do. As a wife, mother, friend, business owner and most importantly a child of God, I can change when I focus on what’s in front of me not what I can’t control. That is Change.

As we head into 2018 I want to thank you for being a part of our lives and allowing your little girls to wear the Raglan Pony. The Raglan Pony was birthed out of this mother’s desire to give her girls a fun and beautiful experience in clothing. You have made that experience a wonderful time for me. Thank you for letting us get to know your family and share moments of your journey with you. As a company we want to CHANGE this year. We plan to keep our focus on you the customer and build the relationships that we only get one chance to build. We are excited to add new products, new colors, new styles and new members to our family. We plan to change this year not by resting on what we did last year but by keeping the main thing, the main thing……. which for us at The Raglan Pony is your little girls. So here we go one day at a time, one hug at a time, one outfit at a time, one cry at a time and one moment in time to embrace the chance to change and the journey that follows.

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  • Christie Land: January 03, 2018

    What an amazing first blog! Love it! So honored to be a part of your amazing team and Emily Lauren loves everything from The Raglan Pony! Love you!

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